Leader : Mrs. Nkechi Nweke

Assist. Leader: Mrs. Nkechi Obi

We are affiliate of Catholic Men Organization of Nigeria

Our Mission:

  • To foster unity, sisterly love and peaceful co-existence among all women irrespective of origin, social and educational status.
  • To co-ordinate the activities of all women in our igbo catholic community, Houston(ICCH).
  • To plan programmes in ICCH for the religious and social upliftment of all women.
  • To contribute to the spiritual and social growth of the ICCH and the Christian community at large.


Event Date Description Location
May 14 Mothers Day 2017 ICCH Main Hall
June 18th Fathers Day 2017 ICCH Main Hall
Sept 22-24 Retreat 2017 Obi Igbo Hall
Sept 30 General Meeting St Anthony Hall
October 8 Bazaar & Thanksgiving ICCH Complex